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Elderberries were made by nature to help us keep sickness away!

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Hey there! I’m Kristen and this is my little family

With three growing babes we take preventing sickness seriously around my house! When I was navigating motherhood with my first born I got the inevitable “first born mommy syndrome.” As mothers, we know it all too well. I stayed up all night researching what I needed to do to keep my precious baby from getting sick. With lots of research, experimentation, and experience, I curated our Elderberry Syrup Kit which contains only the highest quality organic ingredients to help keep your family healthy all year long. I know how hard it is to find products you can trust, and that’s why I began selling my elderberry kits! If it’s good enough for my littles, it’s good enough for yours!
You can shop our online store to find Elderberry Kits and other natural necessities to live a healthier life style for you and your family

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My elderberry syrup came out great! I got it when I was sick and my cold went away a couple of days after starting to take it. I have been taking it everyday since and I haven’t gotten sick. Also love the bottle that I bought for the syrup. Thank you Berry Good Organics!
Great natural products. I love their Elderberry Kits. They work great all year long.
This kit (elderberry syrup, gummies or pops) is easy to make with well written instructions and oh so yummy! I have ordered 2 and excited to order the next one soon. The first time I added too much honey not knowing how I would prefer it, so the second batch I added the minimum amount of honey and it was perfect. My family of 4 all stay healthy or recover quickly when something is starting with Berry Good Organics perfect mix!! I highly recommend it!Plus fast shipping, professionally packaged and amazing customer service! You cannot go wrong!
Robyn B
Robyn B
Our easy-to-create Elderberry syrup kit is a tasty, essential, herbal blend that makes a wonderful addition to a healthy regiment, it can be prepared in minutes and if properly stored, can last for months at a time.
We only affiliate with the best websites that are always promoting a safe, healthy, holistic approach as well. You will find that all our products are Organic, GMO free, Fair Trade and made in a sanitary, animal free environment.