A Company Founded On Family And Health

Welcome to Berry Good Organics! Our mission is to create quality holistic and natural products that generate and sustain healthy families. At Berry Good Organics we strive to provide a personalized service that benefits all ages. A major aspect of our product research pertains to preventatives for illness, infection, and Influenza. We have an ever expanding inventory and we are constantly creating new products to serve the needs of our customers.

Our Mission; To Provide Holistic, Natural, Organic Products That Improve Health

Through my passion of spreading Berry Good Organics and using it for my family to stay nutritionally robust; Our Famous Elderberry Syrup Kit quickly became our number one selling item. From there we have created a variety of natural, holistic, and organic products to meet the needs of our customers.

“I am happy to share my passion with the world. I want to thank everyone reading this; you are the muse that brings my vision to reality! This would not be possible without you.”

My name is Hana Hager, I am the owner of Berry Good Organics.

When I found Berry Good Organics it changed my life for the better. It created a peace of mind for me and my family. We have always searched for something to keep our immune systems healthy. We’ve all used the over the counter medicines, and not sure what’s in them. It’s amazing to make your own products for your family and others! Our products focus is to prevent the flu, pathogens, and other viruses.


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